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Now Send FREE SMS from your GMAIL Account

If you are an occasional SMSer, you can use the Google SMS service from your GMAIL account to send up to 50 SMS in a day. Yes, Google has introduced its FREE SMS service in India wherein you can send up to 50 SMS per day to any mobile number in India. All you need to do is login to your GMAIL Account and start messaging. Read on for complete details.

Your friends can also reply to your messages sent from Google SMS and you’ll receive them there on in Google Chat only. In case you are thinking that 50 SMS per day is quite less, we must tell you here that when ever any user replies to your message, your SMS Credit would increase by 5 SMS to a maximum of 50 SMS. So you can enjoy Unlimited SMS thereby without any SMS Packs or so.

Here are the Step by Step Details of how to Activate Google SMS and Send SMS using this Service:
Step 1 – Login to your GMAIL account
First of all, login to your GMAIL account, in case you do not have one create it here, it is absolutely FREE.


Upon Login to your GMAIL account, you would see on the Left Hand side corner, Google Chat service.

Step 2 – Activate Google SMS in Chat Service from Google Labs
It is important step as without this, you wont be able to send any SMS without enabling this feature. Here is how to do this. Go to the Setting from the Right Side Menu and then to Labs and search “SMS (text messaging) in Chat” (without quotes). Enable this Lab feature and just save it.

Step 3 – Add your Friends and Send Free SMS
Just start typing the Name of the friend you want to send a SMS, if he/she has updated number in GMAIL account account you would be able to send a SMS to them. In case you want to send a SMS to a new number, just start typing the Mobile Number and click on Send SMS. Here is how to do it:

Now Start Sending SMS to your friends and enjoy.

Other Important points:
How to Block & Unblock SMS from GMAIL SMS Service : If you start getting spam messages from some GMAIL user or you simply want to avoid some people, you can BLOCK them by replying to their Message with the word ‘BLOCK’ (without quotes only). But at some point in time, you feel to start getting SMS from such person, you have to reply to its SMS (mind it) with the phrase UNBLOCK.

Operators supported in India : All Mobile Operators in India are now supported. You will recieve a SMS from this numbers, +918082801060 (Google SMS Service).

How to Block ALL SMS from GMAIL, simply send a SMS STOP to +918082801060 and to start them again, simply SMS START to +918082801060.

Other Important Terms that may come handy:

FREE SMS per Day – 50 is the LIMIT
You will get 50 SMS per day limit initially. Every time you send a message, your SMS Balance would decreases by one. Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat (for example when a phone user replies to one of your messages) your credit increases by five, up to a maximum of 50.

If you balance goes to zero, you will get 50 SMS again the next day.

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