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Samsung Galaxy S III & Galaxy Tab 2 page goes live on

We have just now spotted the pages for the upcoming new Galaxy S III & Galaxy Tab 2 on the popular retailer, Earlier we had reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 is available on Pre Order for Rs. 19,900 on BTP and now the same has been spotted in as well. Another most awaited smart phone from Samsung, the flagship, Galaxy S III’s page is also now live on Flipkart which says coming soon. We are expecting Galaxy S III & Galaxy Tab 2 to be announced formally on May 31st.

Both the product pages as of now show no details about Price & Availability and has been tagged Coming Soon, which might be changed to Pre Order in coming few days.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the first Android 4.0 Tablet from Samsung announced way back in February and Galaxy S III is 4.8 Super Amoled HD touch smartphone announced just a few days back in London. It is still not available in any part of the world and is launching on 29th May starting from London.

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