Aircel 3G now live in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

[Update – May, 2012] Aircel has revised its 3G Plans owing to competition in the market. You can check the complete details of the revised 3G Packs by Aircel on this page.

[Original] Aircel, the fifth largest Telecom Operator in India, launched its 3G Mobile & Data Service in the State of Jammu & Kashmir with 3G Signal going live in Srinagar. This launch by Aircel makes it the Third Operator to reach Srinagar with 3G bandwagon & also second among the private operators.

To check for handset compatibility, customer needs to send a SMS CHECK 3G to 121 from their handset & to activate the 3G services, customer needs to send a SMS START 3G to 121 from their 3G enabled handsets.

Aircel 3G Plans :
The base rate for Aircle 3G is 3 paise per 10KB. Aircel will offer 4 bundled plans including Voice, SMS as well as 3G data on Aircel at an all inclusive price of Rs.132, Rs. 252, Rs. 502 & Rs.802. Aircel will also offer 75MB, 150MB, 350MB & 1024MB data respectively for a month. In addition to this, Aircel will offer a data plan at Rs. 92 for 100 MB.

Complete 3G Tariff Details

Mobile Data Plans

RechargeFree Data LimitValiditySpeedAvailable On
78MB1 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid
2225MB3 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid
92100MB30 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
202250MB30 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
6021GB30 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
6752.5 GB30 daysUpto7.2 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid

Mobile Bundle plans

RechargeFree Data LimitVoiceSMSValiditySpeedAvailable On
13275 MB505010030 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
252150MB10010025030 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
502350MB20020040030 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
8021GB25025050030 daysUpto3.6 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid
15023 GB500500100030 daysUpto7.2 MbpsPrepaid+Postpaid

Aircel also announced introductory offer. To know more about it visit

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  1. damn aircel 3g is f**king slow in jammu,its not a 3g its f**ing 1g cuz it speed like same as slow 2g aircel gprs

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