Uninor offers 85% discount on Uninor to Uninor Local Calls for Mumbai

Uninor today announced another exciting offer for its customers in Mumbai circle. The new Offers gives amazing discount ranging from 85% to 96% to Uninor Mumbai customers when they call Local Uninor Numbers. The discount will keep changing throughout the day basis location and time. This offer is for both new as well as existing subscribers. And you don’t have to shell out anything to get, its a part of Dynamic Pricing Plan, an extended part. The new offer will work for everyone who has Dynamic Plan activated.

This means that depending on discounts available at different times of the day, you can call local Uninor Numbers for as low as 2 paisa per minute.

Subscribers who are currently not on the Dynamic Pricing Plan or those who wish to extend the benefit of their Dynamic Pricing Plan can recharge with the existing Rs. 26 Special Tariff Voucher (STV) which offers 3 months Dynamic Pricing benefits. Discounts on calls made to subscribers on other networks will continue to range from 5 per cent to 60 per cent.

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