Send FREE SMS to India & Abroad even on 31st Dec & 1st Jan (the Blackout Days)

Today is the last day of the year 2011. Tommorrow you will see a new year, a new beginning. Almost every one of us wishes New Year to his/her friend but Every Indian Mobile Operator has made these two days as Black Out Days there by charging us for every SMS sent from our Mobile.

I’m also messaging my dear ones & friends without even paying a single penny. How??

I am using JaxtrSMS App on my Java enabled Mobile Phone. JaxtrSMS is FREE Mobile App that lets you send FREE SMS to almost every corner of this Earth. I have tried it on iPhone, Android and Java and till now it has worked fine for me.

JaxtrSMS is completely unique in that a mobile user can send a text SMS to any mobile phone in the world without requiring the receiver to have the JaxtrSMS application installed on her phone. This “open” facet of JaxtrSMS distinguishes it from other free mobile messaging applications where messages can only be sent within a closed network to people who also have the same app installed.

JaxtrSMS retains the number of the user and no new number is required while signing up for the JaxtrSMS service.

There are other options as well such as Free Messaging Sites like Way2Sms, 160by2 etc but opening them on your mobile/pc, then loging in and typing number etc would take a lot of time. Instead just download this Wonderfull App and start messaging from it only. It also picks contacts directly from your cellphone.

Happy New Year to All Our Readers in Advance…. And in case you know a better option, do let me know..!!

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