Postpaid Tariffs hiked by Vodafone, for now in Mumbai only

Now its time for the Postpaid users to feel the heat. Prepaid users have seen Tariff Hikes a couple of time and the Postpaid users were left out of such hike but not any more. Vodafone has decided to hike tariffs of the postpaid customers in the lucrative Mumbai circle. The other operators can now follow the same and spread it across India.

Vodafone has hiked the postpaid tariffs by 20% for all postpaid customers in Mumbai telecom circle. The customers who were enjoying call @ 1p/sec till now would now be charged 1.2p/sec. Interestingly, only for the subscribers on Per Second Pulse have seen a hike, Per Minute subscribers are still enjoying 50p/min flat rate.

I also saw a plan on Vodafone’s website in which STD calls were shown to be charged at 2.5p/sec. It is almost double than the normal Per Minute STD Call rate.

Well whatever has happened was bound to happen. We might as well see more tariff hikes in the near future if TRAI recommendations are gone ahead with.

Also now Other Operator may also follow Vodafone in hiking Postpaid Tariff just like all other operators followed Airtel in raising the tariffs for Prepaid customers last year.

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