Nokia’s Super Confidentail Phone is Out, Nokia Sea Ray

Well Nokia Super Confidential Phone running on Windows Phone 7, Mango is out and it has been code named Nokia Sea Ray. In some private meet Mr. Stephen Elop showed it to everybody after requesting them to shut camera the off, but i think few listened to him as a video and images of Nokia Sea Ray are out on Net.

“This is something that is super confidential and we do not want to see this out in the blogosphere,” Elop says, as he asks people to turn off their devices.

Well Nokia Sea Ray looks like MeeGo based N9, except that it has a Home button at the bottom. What esle does it have, it has Gorilla Glass Display with 8MP LED equiped Carl Zeiss Camera and it runs on Mango, Windows Phone 7, to just mention. It would the first Phone after Microsoft & Nokia joined hands to work together.

Also is it expected to hit markets soon now. We will update its price once it is announced in India.


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