Idea increases 2G Data Rates in Delhi-NCR, now 1GB will cost Rs. 195

The recent spectrum auctions has been the costliest Spectrum Auctions ever in India and since then Operators were talking about hike in the tariffs. Tough the scope of any hike in voice is difficult, telecom operators have now revised their Special Tariff Vouchers either by reducing the freebies or hiking the price of STV itself. Idea too has revised its 2G as well as 3G tariffs in Delhi and other circle. Here we will be discussing about 2G Data Packs only for the Delhi customer.

Idea offers about 25 Data Net Packs for its customers in Delhi circle. The lowest price 2G Internet Plan in Delhi starts at Rs. 7 offering 35 MB 2G Data for 1 Day only. The 2G Internet Plans now extend up to Rs. 399 offering 3GB Unlimited (with FUP) with the validity of 28 days.

Also there are Emergency Packs wherein customers having low or nil balance can activate the Data Net Pack and when they recharge their Prepaid Number, pre-decided balance will be deducted. In this category we have 2 packs at Rs. 0 (Yes, ZERO) and Rs. 8 offering 25MB and 30MB Data respectively for a day.

Unlike other operators, Idea also offers Rate Cutter 2G Internet Plans that offers reduced surfing charges. Idea offers 2 such Rate Cutters in Delhi at Rs. 31 and Rs. 77 offering usage 0.4p/10kB and usage 0.3p/10kB respectively for 28 days and 30 days respectively.

Idea 2G Internet Plans Delhi 2015 – Delhi 2G Data Net Packs 2015

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)Mode Of Recharge
1250 MB Night Facebook (12:00 AM to 6:00 AM)1USSD Mode Only – *121*9#
735 MB1USSD Mode Only – *150*444#
935 MB1Paper Voucher
1350 MB1E-Recharge or Dial *150*13#
1560 MB2Paper Voucher
21200 MB Facebook15E-Recharge or Dial *150*21#
28110 MB3E-Recharge or Dial *150*28#
37200 MB WhatsApp28E-Recharge or Dial *150*37#
39200 MB WhatsApp28USSD Mode Only – *150*123#
52200 MB6E-Recharge or Dial *150*52#
54250 MB WhatsApp28E-Recharge or Dial *150*54#
75300 MB8E-Recharge or Dial *150*75#
93375 MB9E-Recharge or Dial *150*93#
98375 MB10E-Recharge or Dial *150*98#
125500 MB14E-Recharge or Dial *150*125#
154600 MB18E-Recharge or Dial *150*154#
175700 MB21E-Recharge or Dial *150*175#
1951 GB28E-Recharge or Dial *150*195#
2051 GB28E-Recharge or Dial *150*205#
255*1.25 GB FUP28E-Recharge or Dial *150*255#
294*2 GB FUP28E-Recharge or Dial *150*294#
399*3GB FUP28 E-Recharge Only
*Max speed till 1.25 GB, 10kbps after 1.25 GB, Max speed till 2 GB, 10kbps after 2 GB, Post 3GB 40 kbps   
Special Packs   
MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)Mode Of Recharge
025 MB1USSD – *150*06#, Balance Condition – Rs. 0 to 5, Later Recovery amount – Rs.6
25500 MB5*150*222#
8 (Emergency Data Services)30 MB1USSD – *150*801#, Minimum Balance: Rs. >0 and =<Rs 5, Later Recovery amount – Rs.8
Rate Cutter Packs   
MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)Mode Of Recharge
31All usage 0.4p/10kB28E-Recharge or Dial *150*31#
77All usage 0.3p/10kB30E-Recharge or Dial *150*77#

We have also made available the USSD Code which you can dial and if you have sufficient balance, the desired 2G Data Net Pack can be activated.

For Idea customers in Delhi looking for 3G Data Plans, please visit this page.

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