Browse the Internet on MTS MBlaze and MBrowse devices free of charges today

March 26th is MTS India Day and to mark this occasion MTS India has decided to offer their existing customers to browse the Internet on their MBlaze and MBrowse devices free of charges today. This means that you can connect to the Internet and use it as much as you want, without paying for any data transferred, for the whole day on the 26th of March 2011. The same applies if you have a limited data plan also. As per the offer, uses in India can browse the Internet for free of data charges starting from 0000 hrs till 2400 hours.

This offer has come in celebration of the MTS India day that marks the onset of MTS in India. MTS had celebrated this day last year in the same manner by offering lucrative offers.

MTS has made the mobile broadband market competitive and has done a great deal by decreasing the ridiculous pricing schemes on mobile broadband. This has brought it a slew of customers. We, the telecomGyaan team, wishes MTS a very Happy MTS India day.

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