An American Film maker uses Galaxy S II to make a short film

An American film maker, Freddie Wong (freddiew), has used his Samsung Galaxy S II to make a short film. Like all great directors, freddiew has a number of tools in his filmmaking arsenal.  On top of his passion for games of all shapes and colors, freddiew has utilized the powerful camera and recording abilities of the Samsung GALAXY S II to film parts of his not-quite-latest short film, Gamer Commute.

For the project freddiew needed a camera that was small, lightweight and powerful enough to capture the high quality footage needed.  Utilizing the Samsung GALAXY S II’s 1080p high definition video recording power, freddiew propped the SII on top of his car with a tripod to get the shots he needed for the video.

Gamer Commute features number of references to popular video games as freddiew makes his everyday commute to work, which involves stealing a car, shooting indiscriminately into the air and other aspects of your daily drive to work.  Watch the video below.

You can also watch the making-of, where you can watch freddiew plan to mount the GALAXY S II on a mini-helicopter, fail and just tape it to his car.

But freddiew isn’t the only one using Samsung phones to make movies.  In Korea, reknown actors and directors have come together and used the GALAXY Note for the Cine Note project.

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