Airtel Postpaid Promise – Airtel Postpaid Data Carry Forward or Rollover & more

At an event in Mumbai, Airtel announced the launch of its Project Next offering unmatched experience to the Postpaid users. One of the highlight of the Project Next is Data Rollover facility being provided to the Postpaid users.

Airtel users from 01 August, 2017 need not worry about the unused data available on their Airtel Mobile. The Airtel Data Carry Forward or Roll Over is launched for only Postpaid customers wherein Airtel Postpaid customers can rollover data & accumulate up to 200 GB.

Airtel Postpaid Promise – Data Carry Forward or Rollover – How to activate?

Airtel Data Carry Forward or Roll Over will allow you to use the remaining data or left-over data of previous month in the coming month. You need not activate the same. Data roll over will be applicable automatically. Also you need to note that Airtel Postpaid Data Carry Forward or Roll Over is applicable on 3G/4G plans only.

Airtel Postpaid Promise – Data Carry Forward or Rollover FAQs

Airtel has released a list of FAQs on this link. Broadly it tells which data will be rolled over and which not and other Terms & Conditions. Here are few important T&C that you should definitely know:

  1. Data carry roll over is not applicable on Smart bytes, Pre on Post and Per day GB plans.
  2. Data roll over is applicable on all data boosters/surprise/new activation benefits/retention benefits.
  3. If you downgrade your Plan, Airtel Postpaid Data Roll over would not be available.
  4. Airtel Data Roll Over can be shared with child numbers.
  5. A maximum of 200 GB of 3G/4G data per subscriber can be accumulated under this Offer.

You can read detailed FAQs on this link & this link.

Airtel Postpaid Promise – Airtel Secure

Also Airtel launched Airtel Secure under its Postpaid Promise. Airtel users accidentally damaging their devices can now avail benefits of Airtel Secure. Airtel Secure is available only against Accidental & Liquid damages only.

Airtel will pick up the damaged device, get it repaired and deliver it back to the customer. It is not only available to brand new handset but a 2 year old device if damaged accidentally can be repaired via Airtel Secure.

Airtel Postpaid Promise – Family Savings up to 20%

Now you can add Family Member to create a Family Postpaid Plan by using the MyAirtel App (without visiting any Airtel store). You can only add Airtel Postpaid connections and create a pool of data and share among all the users.

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