Aircel brings “One Nation, One Rate Plan”, offer FREE Incoming Calls in Roaming

Aircel has announced the launch of yet Another Amazing Offer for its customers across India that would definitely help it cement its position in the Indian Telecom market. Aircel has announced the launch of “One Nation, One Rate Plan” Plan Voucher that offers a Uniform Rates for Roaming Service across India.

This new unique initiative by Aircel not only offers FREE Incoming Calls on Roaming (ON AIRCEL Network ONLY) but it also offers Outgoing Calls at flat 1p/sec and Outgoing SMS (Local & National ONLY) at Rs. 1 per SMS. However, ISD Call charges would be applicable as per your Circle/Base tariff only.

Here is the quick snapshot of what Aircel’s “One Nation, One Rate Plan” has to offer:

  • Voice – Local/National calling at 1paisa/second in Home circle as well as on roaming on Aircel network. Incoming calls while on Roaming on Aircel network will be free
  • SMS – Local and National SMS at Re 1/SMS in Home circle as well as while on Roaming
  • Data – User will be able to carry the home circle rate while on roaming

One would get these benefits for just 30 days, but Aircel customers in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan can get these attractive tariffs for more than 30 days. Aircel customers would get the same tariff for 90 days with Rs. 36 Pack and Rajasthan customers can avail these benefits for 60 days with Rs. 69 Pack.

Aircel has not priced this Plan Voucher for same price across India. Different Circle have different Price Rate for this. Also it should be NOTED that this is a PLAN Voucher that would change the BASE Tariff of your Number and offer EXTRA Benefits in terms of FREE Roaming Calls and more.

Aircel ROAMING FREE Plan 2015 – FREE Incoming Calls on Roaming by Aircel




Andhra Pradesh

Rs. 11

4 Days – Dial *122*1100# to activate

Rs. 25

30 Days

Rs. 36

90 Days


Rs. 38

30 Days

Bihar & Jharkhand

Rs. 22

28 Days


Rs. 49

30 Days


Rs. 5

1 Day (Till Midnight), Available only on USSD. Dial *121*5# to activate. (This pack is not on Auto Renewal), All Outgoing Calls @ 1.2p/sec

Rs. 39

30 Day, All Outgoing Calls @ 1.2p/sec


Not Available


Not Available

Himachal Pradesh

Rs. 25

30 Days

Jammu & Kashmir

Prepaid Roaming Not Available


Rs. 26

30 Days, Dial *122*026# to activate


Not Available


Rs. 29

30 Days

Rs. 57

60 Days (Plan Voucher)

Madhya Pradesh

Not Available

Maharashtra Goa

Rs. 29

30 Days


Rs. 3

Same Day Till Mid Night, All Outgoing Calls @ 1.5p/sec, *121*300#

Rs. 8

3 Days, All Outgoing Calls @ 1.5p/sec, *121*800#

Rs. 32

30 Days, First 150mins Incoming FREE, Post free usage 1p/sec, All Outgoing Calls @ 1.5p/sec

North East

Rs. 5

1 Day – Dial *121*0500# to activate

Rs. 16

7 Days – Dial *121*1600# to activate

Rs. 59

28 Days – Dial *121*59# to activate


Rs. 3

1 Day – 1st 50 Minutes Incoming Call FREE while Roaming
on Aircel Network & thereafter 1p/sec. Dial *121*3# to activate.

Rs. 5

1 Day – Dial *121*0050# to activate

Rs. 15

3 Days – Dial *121*015# to activate

Rs. 33

7 Days

Rs. 61

30 Days


Rs. 25

30 Days – All Roaming Outgoing calls @1p/sec & Free Incoming

Rs. 34

30 Days – All Local/STD A2A Calls @ 10p/min
(In home & Roaming on Aircel Network)


Rs. 3

Same Day – Incoming free on roaming on Aircel NW, Roaming Local OG calls @ 80p/min, Roaming STD OG calls @ 1.15Rs./min. Dial *121*030# to activate.

Rs. 8

3 Days – Incoming free on roaming on Aircel NW, Roaming Local OG calls @ 80p/min, Roaming STD OG calls @ 1.15Rs./min

Rs. 34

30 Days. Dial *121*34# to activate

Tamil Nadu

Rs. 49

28 Days – Outgoing calls at 60p/min, Incoming calls free when roaming on Aircel Network

Rs. 88

28 Days. Dial *121*88# to activate

UP East

Rs. 19

28 Days – Local A2A Mobile Calls @ 10p/min in Home & Roaming on Aircel Network &  Local A2O @ 30p/min

Rs. 6

1 Day – 50 Incoming Min FREE & post 50 incoming Min, incoming calls @ 30p/min, Local & STD @ 60p/min. Dial *121*0606# to activate

Rs. 33

90 Days – STD/Local A2A Mobile Calls @ 10p/min in Home & Roaming on Aircel Network

Rs. 36

14 Days – 200 Min Incoming Min FREE & post 200 incoming Min, Incoming calls @ 30p/min, Local & STD @ 60p/min. Dial *121*36# to activate.

UP West

Not Available

West Bengal

Rs. 29

15 Days

Rs. 57

30 Days

It would be wise to call or visit Customer Care to know the exact Base Tariff and other Freebies available for your Circle.

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