Vodafone announces Ramzan Special Offers for North East, Assam & West Bengal

Vodafone has today announced Ramzan Special Offers for its customers in Assam, North East and West Bengal circle. For Assam and North East, Vodafone has brought a new Postpaid Plan with Unlimited Calls and for its customers in West Bengal, Vodafone has brought New Bonus Card for both its existing and new customers.

Starting with Assam & North East circle, Vodafone’s new Postpaid Plan comes with a rental of Rs. 786 offering Unlimited Local & STD Calls along with Outgoing Roaming Calls as well. Also with Unlimited Calling, Vodafone’s new postpaid plan offers 25 GB data in each billing cycle.

Also on the holy occasion of Ramzan, Vodafone is also offering 50% discount on all the premium number series with 786 as part of the mobile number. The offer is available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers in the circle.

Now coming to West Bengal circle, Vodafone here has introduced a New FRC 91 which offers talk time of up to Rs. 120 along with Unlimited calling between 2 AM to 4 AM on Vodafone Network along with 92 MB 4G/3G Data, validity of this FRC is 30 days.

Also customers would get discounted ISD rate for Bangladesh at 4p/Sec, Bahrain/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia at 14p/sec, Yaman/Qatar at 18p/sec and UAE at 20p/sec. Customers can also get free Ramzan trivia by dialing 123786(toll free).

Existing customers can also get all these benefits by getting a recharge of Rs. 92, only the ISD benefits would not be available.

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