Uninor is here to stay and We Love Uninor

Even if you are not a Uninor customer today, you have benefited from Uninor. Surprised..!! Well i think this is true..!! All of us has benefited from the entry of New Player in the Indian Telecom Market. Call rates dropped drastically, we saw New Pulse Scheme’s (Per Second) pouring in and a lot of exciting and new plans.

Earlier this month Supreme Court cancelled the License of Uninor & MTS, among the other telecom operators. By far, they are the most affected operators of the decision. Among all the new entrants, Uninor has been the most successful and MTS most creative in bringing out new schemes & plans.

Uninor has added around 17.8 million customers last year, more than any operator in India. They have a tag line, “Talk More, Pay Less” that has made them loved by youth the most. I am based in Delhi, was eagerly waiting for Uninor to come to Delhi. And now Uninor has brought a new campaign, “We Love Uninor”. This new campaign by Uninor is an attempt by Uninor to tell everyone that they are here to compete and will stay here. They are not leaving India, rather looking for Other opportunities to stay competition.

As per the latest figures, Uninor has 38.79 million across all their operating circles and since the Supreme Court’s decision, they have added more than 3 lakh new subscriber.

And lastly How Uninor has benefited all of us in the words of Mr. Sigve Brekke, MD, Uninor, “Even if you are not a Uninor customer today, you have benefited from us. Because of new competition from us and others, every operator has been forced to make tariffs affordable. Customers in Delhi, where there is no new competition, pay 60% more than customers in any other city. However, if new competition is asked to leave the market, India should be prepared for the same high tariffs as Delhi has today”.

Lastly, I have a message for Uninor, Stay Competition & Come Soon to Delhi and for our Indian Telecom Industry, Get Well Soon. 

What do you guys think..!!

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