Uninor announces 2 New STV for Andhra Pradesh, offers STD & Local @ 25p

Uninor (Telenor) has brought a long list of 25 Paisa Offers for its customers in all telecom circle where it operator. It started with Rs. 17 and Rs. 29 for Maharashtra and today it has introduced the 25 Paisa Offers in all circle. This page shows All 25p Special Tariff Vouchers for Andhra Pradesh circle only. For other circle, you can visit the link provided at bottom of this page.

Telenor offers 8 25 Paisa Offers in Andhra Pradesh circle starting with Rs. 4 and extends up to Rs. 83. The Special Tariff Offer 4 all Local Calls @ 25p/min for 2 days. The next STV 8 offers all Local Calls @ 25p/min for 4 days and so on.

Telenor 25p Offer Andhra Pradesh 2017

Price of the STV Benefits Validity
4 All Local Calls @ 25p/min 2 days
8 All Local & STD calls @25p/min 4 days
17 All Local & Other STD calls @25p/min with Telenor to Telenor STD @ 10p/min 28 days
29 40 Local Telenor to Telenor Min valid for 3 days & All Local calls @ 25p/min & 60 Local/STD SMS 28 days
33 All Local & Other STD calls @25p/min with Telenor to Telenor STD @ 10p/min 90 days
64 Unlimited Local Telenor to Telenor calls with All Local & STD calls @ 25p/min 28 days
69 145 Local Min valid for 3 days & All Local calls@ 25p/min 90 days
83 200 Local/STD Min Valid for 3 days & All Local/STD calls @ 25p/min 90 days

You can click on the circle name to check the 25p Offer in the respective circle – Gujarat, UP East, UP West, Maharashtra and Bihar & Jharkhand. Also you recharge these packs online at Telenor Website.

Earlier – Uninor has today brought 2 new Special Tariff Vouchers for its customers in Andhra Pradesh telecom circle that offers Local & STD Calls at just 25p/min. One of the new Special Tariff Voucher is for Local Calls only and the other one is for Local & STD Calls, a Combo Voucher.

Starting with the Voucher which offers Local Call @ 25p/min, the new Special Tariff Voucher comes for Rs. 17 and offers All Local calls within the state of Andhra Pradesh @ 25p/min for 28 days. The same voucher is listed under Local Packs on Uninor’s website.

The other Voucher announced today is priced at Rs. 29 and is for customers who make both STD as well as local calls. It offers All Local & STD calls across the country @25p/min for 28 days.

Apart from these offers, Uninor has many Local & STD Seconds packs that offers Free Seconds and not reduced tariff as such like in this offer. For per second callers, Uninor has a STV 22 that offers All Local & STD calls @ 1p/2 secs for 28 days but 1st 120 secs daily are charged @ 2p/sec. The same tariff is also offered by STV 59 for 90 days. You can check ut more such offers at Uninor’s website.

Price of the STV

Talk Time



Rs. 17

Rs. 0

All Local calls @ 25p/min

28 Days

Rs. 29

Rs. 0

All Local & STD calls @ 25p/min

28 Days

In the words of Mr. Satish Kannan, Circle Business Head- Andhra Pradesh, Uninor, “With our 25 paisa/min tariffs, this is now by far the cheapest call anyone can make in Andhra Pradesh. Sabse Sasta for us not just a promotion, it is a commitment that we intend to keep.”

Uninor launched similar offers in Maharashtra few days back offering the same 25p/min tariff for both Local & STD Calls. Uninor has positioned itself as a Sabse Sasta Operator and has been launching offers continuously to strengthen its position further. Also Uninor has achieved break-even in 5 out of 6 circles in which it operates.

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