TRAI puts ceiling on Premium SMS Rates & tells operator to offer at least 1 Pay Per Second Plan

TRAI in its latest amendment to the Telecom Tariff Order has made is compulsory for all telecom operators across India to make available at least 1 Plan on Pay Per Second Pulse for both Prepaid as well as Postpaid customers. So in case your favorite telecom operator is not offering per second pulse plan, it wont be the case any more.

But i don’t think this amendment will make any difference as almost all operators across India are offering more than One Plan under Pay Per Second Scheme. Earlier they were doing it voluntarily but now they are supposed to do so.

Apart from these, what makes us exciting is another change in rules for telecom operators that now restrict them from charging beyond a certain price for Premium Messagees.

Well, how many of you send message to Cricket Score or Vote for your favourite contestant on a popular TV show. Normally, these sort of messages are charged as per Premium Messages Rates which could at times is as high as Rs. 10 per SMS. But now you telecom operator wont be able to charge beyond 4 times of the applicable local call or SMS charges as per your tariff plan.

This just means that if as per your tariff plan, a SMS cost you say 50p then your telecom operator can charge a maximum of Rs. 2 per Premium SMS. The same case apply to calls make to premium numbers as well.

The TRAI is of the opinion that calls and SMS made for participating in competition and voting hardly contain any content, so the operator cannot charge you Premium Rates for them. Good move TRAI, keep thinking more on these stuff.

You can download the New Tariff Order here 1,2.

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  1. what is %share per sms cost in between VASP(Value addad service provider
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