Exclusive : Tata Docomo launches Unlimited Local, STD, SMS, Data & Roaming 1299 Plan

Tata Docomo GSM has launched a new Unlimited Plan to take on Reliance recently launched Truly Unlimited Plans. Tata Docomo’s Unlimited Plan offer Unlimited Local Call, STD Calls, Local & National SMS, Data (GPRS/Internet) and Roaming Calls as well. Launched at a price point of Rs. 1299, it is no doubt a better option as compared to Reliance as not only Tata has better network but it is also charging less for a similar plan.

Tata Docomo Unlimited 1299 Plan offers All Local and STD Calls Free along with 6000 Local & National SMS (200/Day as per TRAI Limit), Unlimited 2G Data (in 3G Circles, one would get 3G Speeds up to 2G, thereafter 2G speeds @ 128Kbps) and All Incoming and Outgoing Calls in Roaming Free (On Tata Docomo Network only). SMS on Roaming would be charged at Standard Rates only.

In case you are thinking of a hidden Fair Usage Policy, we must tell you that we have just now confirmed with the customer care and they have told us that Unlimited means Unlimited i.e. there is no FUP.

Tata Docomo Unlimited Plan 1299

Monthly  Rental

Rs. 1299 (Rs. 1460 with All Tax)

Local Calls

Unlimited FREE

STD Calls

Unlimited FREE

SMS (Local & National)

6000 SMS

Data (2G)

Unlimited Free

Data (3G)

3G Speeds up to 2GB, thereafter Unlimited  @ 128Kbps

Roaming Calls

Unlimited FREE on Tata Docomo Network

Roaming SMS

Rs. 1.5 on Tata Network, Rs. 3.45 on other Network

Data Usage on Roaming

Unlimited FREE on Tata Network, 10p/10kb on other Network

Few months ago Tata Docomo launched another Unlimited Plan 899 that offers just Calls Free, both Local & National. SMS, Data and Roaming Calls are chargeable at standard rates under the plan. You can get more details on this page.

Reliance too offers similar plans under the Truly Unlimited Package. Tata Docomo’s Unlimited 1299 Plan is similar to what Reliance offers in Rs. 1499 Unlimited Plan, the basic difference between the Reliance and Tata Plan is that Reliance offers 5GB Data and there is a FUP of 6000 minutes under the plan where as Tata Docomo offers 2GB Data without any FUP on Calling.

If i have to choose between the 2, i would definitely go with the Tata Docomo’s Unlimited 1299 Plan because as far as i have personally experienced Tata Docomo has better network coverage and better Internet speeds (2GB at 3G in more than enough for a moderate user like me).

Estimated Monthly Bill would come for Rs. 1460 inclusive of all taxes. Also there are certain terms and conditions associated with this plan that you must read on this page before getting this plan.

Tata Docomo have created a special Internet APN to be used with this plan, INTERNETHVC. Any data usage on any other APN would be charged at normal rates. Any new and existing customer who wish to take this plan is required to pay Rs. 850 as Security Deposit.

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