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Samsung Galaxy S III available a week before its launch in UAE (Dubai) @ US$ 666

Ahead of the first launch scheduled for May 29th in London, the Samsung Galaxy S III is selling in Dubai, UAE for as much about US$ 666. One of the Reddit users spotted the smart phone at a mall in Dubai and upon interaction with the store staff, he came to know that they are already selling it for AED 2450 and have plenty in stock.

Here the said mall & store is Fono at Mall of the Emirates which are actually selling this smart phone a week ahead of its worldwide launch. But even if they are selling it ahead of schedule, no one is really complaining.

The pricing at the store in Dubai is cheaper than the price being asked for on and on In India also, the price that has come out till now is Rs. 39,990 (US$ 727) which is higher than the price in Dubai. We are expecting the price of Samsung Galaxy S III to reduce only after its official launch in India.

So if you just want to flaunt yourself with this flagship from Samsung, head to Dubai or get it through some friend or family staying there….

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