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S Tel launches New FRC 19, All Local Calls 30p/min

S Tel has launched a new FRC priced at Rs. 19 for its customers in Himachal Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand and Orissa. This FRC gives you a talktime of Rs. 10 and all calls whether Local or STD will be as per paise pulse. All Local SMS will be charged at Rs. 0.50 per SMS and all STD SMS will also 0.50 per SMS & All International SMS will be charged at Rs. 5 per SMS. Also, the promotional scheme available with this FRC is that All local calls will be charged at 30p/min and also you will get 300 On-net local SMS Free for 180 days from the date of activation of this FRC. The complete details of the FRC are as follows:

Particulars FRC 19
MRP Rs. 19
Talktime Rs. 10
Call Charges Per Second
Local Calls All Calls @ 1p/sec
STD Calls All Calls @ 1p/sec

SMS Charges




Rs. 0.50 / SMS

Rs. 0.50 / SMS

Rs. 5 / SMS

Promotional Offer All local calls @ 30p/min + 300 On-net local SMS Free
Promotional Offer Validity 180 Days from date of activation
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