Now share your 3G Data with your Family and Friends with the Airtel’s Data Share Plan

Airtel has come up with an exciting idea that lets you share your 3G Data Plan with your family and friends without any additional cost. In case we need to share our 3G Connection with our family or friends now, we need a Mi-Fi device but that is not the case under the Airtel’s Data Share Plan.

Airtel allows you to add your Airtel friends or family numbers to your Data Plan simply by registering online at their website. Airtel’s new Data Share Plan has been priced at Rs. 1000 that gives your super fast 3G Speeds till 5GB and Unlimited thereafter at just 80Kbps.

With Airtel’s Data Share Plan, you can share your Data Plan with upto 2 of your friends and family. Since you are the one who recharged with Rs. 1000, you’ll be the boss, more specifically Data Boss managing your buddies and 3G Data Usage. And if you want some one else to be the Data Boss next time, just ask them to recharge with Rs. 1000 to get 5GB Data and Data Boss Privileges.

So with the launch of this plan, one can truly say, “Jo Mera Hai, Wo Tera Hai…!!!”. You can get more details about the pack on this link (Airtel’s Website). Also there is an info-graphics telling you how this plan works:


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