Exclusive : MTS launches Pay As You Go Postpaid Plan for MTS MBlaze customers

MTS India has launched an amazing Data Plan for its MBlaze Postpaid customers offering the best ever possible rates. MTS has named it as Zero Rental Plan but since it has a fixed monthly rental we have decided to call it “Pay As You Go” Plan that would charge you only for the usage.

The MTS Pay As You Go Plan comes with a fixed monthly rental of Rs. 200 that would guarantee a minimum of 800 MB of Data Usage. Any data usage beyond 800 MB would be charged at just 25p/MB.

PlanMonthly RentalBundled usage/monthAdditional Usage

Mblaze ZERO Rental

Rs. 0


25p/ MB

  • ST as applicable
  • Minimum Bill Value of Rs. 200 irrespective of usage applicable ( however, data of 800MB guaranteed against the minimum bill value)

So it means that if you use only say 1GB in a month, you would be charged just Rs. 256 (plus Service Tax). One can say that it is just like Per Second Pulse Rate wherein you are charged for your actual usage. We have prepared a small chart showing the Data Usage and Amount to be charged :-

Total Usage

Amount Charged (Service Tax Extra)

1000 MB

Rs. 200  + Rs. 50 = Rs. 250

1024 MB (1GB)

Rs. 200  + Rs. 56 = Rs. 256

1250 MB

Rs. 200  + Rs. 112.50 = Rs. 312.50

1500 MB

Rs. 200  + Rs. 175 = Rs. 375

2048 MB (2GB)

Rs. 200  + Rs. 312 = Rs. 512

5120 MB (5GB)

Rs. 200  + Rs. 1080 = Rs. 1280

From the above table it is clear that this plan is a bit costly as compared to other Fixed Data Plans and even the Prepaid Data Packs but since it charges you for Actual Usage, it certainly have an edge. This plan is basically for those who do not have fixed monthly usage.
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