MTS launches Postpaid Plans in Delhi, Haryana, Bihar-Jharkhand, Kolkata & West Bengal(WB)

MTS, the CDMA Mobile Operator of the Joint Venture Co. between Sistema of Russia and Shyam Group of India, has launched Postpaid Plans for its customers in Delhi, Haryana, Bihar & Jharkhand, Kolkata and West Bengal(WB). There are total 6 Postpaid Plans launched, 4 in Per Minute Pulse and 2 in Per Second Pulse. The new Postpaid Plans rentals start from Rs. 98 and go upto Rs. 399, also there is 1 ARP(Annual Rental Postpaid Plan) as well,whose rental is Rs. 1099(one-time). With these postpaid plans, MTS has also launched MSaver Postpaid which are like Value Add On Packs for the postpaid Customers.

To get a new Postpaid Connection you’ll have to shell out Rs. 750 Initially and from next month onwards you will have to pay rent only. The initial payment & optional tariffs are as follows:

Initial Charges

In Rs.

Activation charge INR (One time Charge) 250
Security Deposit INR (One time Charge) 500
Itemized Bills Rental (Rs) 25
Clip (Rs) FREE
ISD Deposit INR (Refundable) 1500
International Roaming Deposit INR (Refundable) 3000

MTS Postpaid Plans

Per Minute Plans Per Second Plans
Plan Name Simply Talk 98 Simply Talk 299 Simply Talk 399 Money Back 1099 Simply Talk 99 Mtalk 301
Monthly Rental Rs. 98 Rs. 299 Rs. 399 Rs. 1099 for 12 months Rs. 99 Rs. 301
Freebies 99 free SMS (Local + National) and 99 free on-net mins 299 local/STD minutes free 399 local/STD minutes free 99 free on-net min (first month); 99 free SMS L+ N per month for 12 months 5940 free on-net secondsĀ and 

99 free SMS (Local + National)

17940 local/STD minutes free
Local Tariffs 50p/min 29p/min 29p/min 29p/min 1p/sec 1p/2sec
STD Tariffs 50p/min 49p/min 49p/min 49p/min 1p/sec 1p/sec


Rs. 1/1.5/5 Rs. 1/1.5/5 Rs. 1/1.5/5 Rs. 1/1.5/5 Rs. 1/1.5/5 Rs. 1/1.5/5
Data usage browsing on Brew Device FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE

The MSaver Postpaid that the MTS have launched are

The Romaing Charges on the MTS Network are Flat 50p for all Outgoing as well as Incoming Calls

Roaming Charges

On MTS network

On Others Network

Incoming call


Rs. 1/min

Local O/G 50p/min Rs. 1/min
STD O/G 50p/min Rs. 1.5/min
O/G SMS (Local/STD/ISD) Rs. 1.5/1.5/5 Rs. 1.5/1.5/5
Data Usage 2p/10kb 2p/10kb

For more information, Dial 155 from your MTS Mobile or contact your respective Customer Care Numbers.

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