MTNL revises 3G Data Packs in Delhi, now offers more Data at same price

The Data wars in the 3G Segment are getting hotter and hotter with each passing days. In the last few months 3G Tariffs have gone south and today again MTNL ignited it further by offering 1GB 3G DATA at just Rs. 175, down from about Rs. 250 earlier. Also MTNL has also revised few of its other packs and introduced 2 new ones.

The 2 new 3G Data Packs introduced are priced at Rs. 42 and Rs. 175 that offers 300 for 3 days and 1GB for 30 days respectively. The revised packs are Rs. 50 that now offers 100MB instead of just 75MB earlier, Rs. 99 that now offers 500 MB up from 300 MB and so on.

MTNL had just a couple of months ago revised its 3G Plans offering more 10% more than any operator and now the same plan are revised to give even more data. For eg. Rs. 250 pack that used offer 1.1GB would now offer 1.5GB. All other 3G Operators are offering 1GB for about Rs. 250 only. Also now you would get 3GB in just Rs. 450, 5GB in Rs. 650 and 10GB for as low as Rs. 850.

3G Data Coupon

3G 42 (NEW)

3G 50

3G 99

3G 175 (NEW)

3G 250

3G 450

3G 650

3G 850


Rs. 42

Rs 50

Rs 99

Rs. 175

Rs 250

Rs 450

Rs 650

Rs 850

Free Data Usage

500 MB

100 75 MB

500 300 MB


1.5 1.1 GB

3 2.2 GB

5 3.3 GB

10 6 GB

Free Talk Value

Rs 0.14

Rs .04

Rs 0.5

Rs 0.06

Rs 0.07

Rs 0.53


3 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

It would now be interesting to see that how these tariff reducetion affects the competition further.

Note : MTNL 3G Packs can be used across India without any additional charges on BSNL Network.

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