MTNL brings 2 more Unlimited Broadband Plans for Mumbai

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) has brought 2 new Unlimited Broadband Plan for the people of Mumbai. Dubbed as Xpress Combo Unlimited 2000 and DSL Unlimited 995 Combo, both the plans offer Unlimited Internet Browsing with some Free Calls as well.

Xpress Combo Unlimited 2000 is an Unlimited 2Mbps Plan that has a very high FUP (Fair Usage Policy) of 150GB. Even if you are able to cross this FUP, you would still be able to experience speed of upto 1Mbps. MTNL has fixed its rental at Rs. 2000 including the Landline Phone rental.

Plan Name Monthly Charges Download Speed

Xpress Combo Unlimited 2000

 Rs 2000

2 Mbps upto 150GB and 1 Mbps afterwards

The other plan launched today is DSL Unlimited 995 Combo offering speed of upto 1 Mbps without any FUP Cap. This plan offer 25 free calls every month after which every call would cost Re. 1 per pulse. For this plan, you would have to shell out Rs. 995 (excluding Service Tax) including the landline phone rent.

Plan Name Download Speed Monthly Service Charges

Free Calls

Call Charges


upto 1Mbp


25 Calls


Also there are about 10 interesting options from MTNL for Mumbai. Have a look:

Plan Name Monthly Charges Download Speed
Xpress Combo Unlimited 600

Rs 600

2 Mbps up to 8 GB and 512 Kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 750

Rs 750

2 Mbps upto 15 GB and 512 kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 1000

Rs 1000

2 Mbps upto 22 GB and 512 Kbps afterwards
Xpress Combo Unlimited 1500

Rs 1500

2 Mbps upto 60GB and 1 Mbps afterwards
  • Rent free Landline will be provided with no free calls.
  • Landline outgoing call charges: Rs. 1/- per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan)
  • Customer may also use Landline Add-on Packs for making landline calls.
  • Customers who want Xpress plan alongwith their existing Landline plan may choose Xpress_Unlimited_NonCombo plan whose monthly charges & download speed is same as Xpress combo unlimited plan.
  • Monthly CPE(Modem) Charges: Rs. 50/-
  • 2Mbps usage limit includes download and upload data usage.
  • Upload speed upto 512Kbps.
  • Service Tax 10.3% extra.
Unlimited Broadband Plans Download Speed Monthly Service Charges

Free Calls

Call Charges


upto 384 512 Kbps

Rs 495

25 Calls


  • Rent free landline will be provided
Unlimited Broadband Plans

Download speed

during day time

(8AM to 6PM)

Download Speed

in Night

(6PM to 8AM)

Monthly Service Charges Annual Rental option
DSL_Unlimited_395 upto 384 512Kbps upto 512 Kbps Rs 395 Rs 4345
DSL_Unlimited_599 upto 608 752Kbps upto 752 Kbps Rs 599 Rs 6589
DSL_Unlimited_999 upto 1 Mbps upto 1.13 Mbps upto 1.344 Mbps Rs 999 Rs 10989
DSL_Unlimited_1599 upto 1.344 Mbps 1.792 Mbps Rs 1599 Rs 17589
DSL_Unlimited_4999 upto 2 Mbps upto 2 Mbps Rs 4999 Rs 54989
DSL_Unlimited_9999 upto 4 Mbps upto 4 mbps Rs 9999 Rs 109989

Please Note:

  • Download Speed indicated are only upto MTNL ISP node and are given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines.
  • The monthly modem charges Rs 50 for MTNL CPE (Modem).
  • Customers will get one free email id (4MB) with all above plans, except DSL_unlimited_4999 and DSL_unlimited_9999 where they will get 4 and 6 email ids respectively.
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