Leaks suggests BlackBerry 10 devices to come in Full Touch and iconic QWERTY designs

Well, i must tell you that i am super excited about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. Whatever we have seen till now whether the awesome suggestive Keyboard, Notifications Bar etc. made us excited and the new leaks by a website, N4bb suggests that BackBerry 10 devices would come in both Full Touch Display designs and the iconic BlackBerry Full QWERTY hardware design.

Well the leaks suggests that the Full Touch Display will be called L Series and the Hardware QWERTY phones will be called N Series rather than traditional model numbering by BlackBerry (it looks as if they are launching a mix of Nokia N Series and LG’s L Series).

The Full Touch L Series would be having 768×1280 screen resolution with 356 PPI and 55mm wide. The screen resolution and pixel density suggests that the screen size should be about 4.2 Inches.

On the other hand, the hardware QWERTY N series is expected to have 720×720 screen resolution with 330 PPI and 52 – 53mm wide. At this resolution and pixel density, it would be having a screen of about 3-3.2 Inches.

BlackBerry 10 devices are expected to be launched in September this year only with L Series making the cut first and N series coming out in early next year.

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