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Karbonn Mobiles launches 2 SMART Tablets and 3 Android SMART Phone

Karbonn Mobiles has today announced the launch of 2 New SMART series tablets, the Karbonn SMART 3 and the Karbonn SMART 9 along with 3 Android smartphones, the Karbonn A1+, the Karbonn A7+ and the Karbonn A11. We had already posted some information about the A1+, A7+ and the A11 in the past couple of days, so there launch was much expected but the tablet launch came as s surprise. Unlike Karbonn SMART 2, both the tablets have Ice Cream Sandwich loaded rather than the Jelly Bean which is a disappointment.

Karbonn SMART Tab 3 – As the name suggests, it the 3 version of the Karbonn Budget Tablets. It comes pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, 1.2 GHz processor, 7 .1 Inch capacitive Display, 2800 mAh Battery, standard connectivity features, 1.3 MP Front Camera and more. Karbonn SMART Tab 3 has been priced at Rs. 5,990 and for the first time Karbonn has given a particular name to its tablet, Karbonn SMART Tab 3 is also called the Karbonn SMART Blade.

Karbonn SMART Tab 9 – Why 9..?? Karbonn SMART Tab 9 features a 9 Inch Display, 4000 mAh battery and same features as SMART Tab 3. Karbonn SMART Tab 9 is also named as Karbonn SMART Marvel and has been priced at Rs. 7,990 which is really competitive for such screen size.

Also Karbonn Mobiles announced 3 new Android smart phone which we have already told you about, the Karbonn A1+, Karbonn A7+ and the Karbonn A11. We had already told you about the Karbonn A9+ but it has not been announced yet.

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