Idea Mumbai brings new Full Talk Time Vouchers

Idea Cellular, the third largest Telecom operator of India, has launched some new Full Talk Time Vouchers for its customers in Mumbai circle.

Now Idea offer Full Talk Time to its customers in Mumbai if they recharge with Rs. 111, Rs. 222, Rs. 333, Rs. 444, Rs. 555, Rs. 666 & so on. These Vouchers offer Full Talk Time without any validity associated with them. 

Idea Mumbai Full Talk Time Vouchers

Full Talk Time Vouchers

RC 20Full Talktime (Rs.20) with validity of 2 Days
RC 111Full Talktime Rs.111
RC 222Full Talktime Rs.222
RC 333Full Talktime Rs.333
RC 444Full Talktime Rs.444
RC 555Full Talktime Rs.555
RC 666Full Talktime Rs.666
RC 777Full Talktime Rs.777
RC 786Full Talktime Rs.786
RC 888Full Talktime Rs.888

For more details, contact Customer Care.

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