Government, A Raja & Telecom Companies file Review Petition in the Supreme Court

The Government of India, Former Telecom Minister, MTS, Uninor & Videocon has filed the review petition in the Supreme Court of India. As per law, you can file review petition only within a month of announcement of the judgement. The scope of the judgement is so vast that it took almost a month for them to file the review petition. 

The Government of India (Ministry of Telecom) has asked the court to review its decision that states that all natural resources should be allocated by Auction and not on the basis of first-come-first-serve, the policy A. Raja followed in 2008 while allocating license to new telecom players. However, the government did not challenge the quashing of the 122 telecom license.

A. Raja, Former Telecom Minister, has also filed review petition stating he was not given fair chance of being heard in the case in which he has been condemned for irregularities. He further told that this judgment could hamper his other case as well, 2G Scam Case being heard in CBI Special Court.

And lastly, 3 Telecom CompaniesMTS, Uninor & Videocon has filed review petition against the cancellation of their respective licenses. Almost all these companies stated that they are being unfairly treated for acting in Good Faith & this judgement could have severe adverse consequences for them as well as their Customers, Lenders, Suppliers (distrbutors etc.) and most importantly Employees.

These Review Petitions can be listed for hearing in the court and in the chamber. In case these review petitions are not successful, then they will have to go in for a curative petition.

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