Now Drive Smart with Airtel’s Voice based Real Time Navigation App, SmartDrive

Airtel has today joined Google and others by offering an app that lets you zoom past the city traffic with it voice based navigation and more. SmartDrive as the name suggests is a Voice based Real Time Navigation Service that not only provide Real Time Traffic updates but also enables users to view their location on a map and plan the route from one place to the another.

Tough Airtel has become the first operator to launch such an app in the country but the recently updated Google App that also features the same functionalities is absolutely FREE. Here are some of the main features of Airtel SmartDrive:

  • Points of Interests – With the help of Airtel SmartDrive App, one can easily locate his/her destination on the map, be it a Cinema Hall, Restaurant, Shopping Mall, etc. and plan the route accordingly.
  • Voice Navigation – Just like many other Map Services, this too provides Turn by Turn Navigation to reach your destination without much hassles. Also it helps you to find an alternate route for your destination is case there is heavy traffic on the regular one.
  • Live Traffic informationLive Traffic status on your preferred route is also provided in 3 colors – RED for Heavy Traffic, YELLOW for Medium and GREEN for Easy or Normal Traffic. As of now this service is available in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore only tough Airtel has planned to extent it to Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune by the end of this year.
  • Some Other Featires – Share the app with a friend, Trip recorder – to record all trips you make when using voice navigation for later reference, Wikipedia information of places for which information is available, Add frequently visited locations to favorites so that you don’t have to search again and again, Weather information about the place.

How to get Airtel SmartDrive on your Mobile:
Either redirect your Mobile’s browser to and download the App OR send a SMS smart to 54321 to get the link to download.

Charges for Airtel SmartDrive:
Unlike Google Maps for Android, Airtel’s SmartDrive is not Free os cost which may be a detterent. Here are the details:



Search and map viewer


Navigation (Daily pack)

Rs/ 10 per day

Navigation (Monthly pack)

Rs. 99 per month

Live traffic (Daily pack)

Rs. 3/ day

Live traffic (Monthly pack)

Rs. 49/ month

Data browsing is absolutely free till 30th November, post which normal data usage charges will apply as per the data pack availed by the customer

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