Delhi High Court rules against 200 SMS Per Day Limit

The Delhi High Court has ruled against the TRAI’s order for imposing the cieling on number of SMS to be sent per day. As we all know that the maximum number of messages one can send in a day is 200. But very soon this limit would be a thing of past.

The Delhi High Court ruled against this Order by saying that “it infringes on the freedom of speech of the citizens and the conditions imposed upon the freedom of speech, protected under Article 19 (2) of the Constitution.”

This ruling would only be for Non Commercial Messaging only. All Commercial Voice & SMS would come continue to have the prescribed limit. A Public Interest Litigation was filed by a NGO Telecom WatchDog in the Delhi High Court criticising the TRAI’s order stating that it is against the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech.

But how will this affect the consumers in reality. I personally think it would not affect as when this order first came it had a limit of 100 SMS per Day and when the limit was revised and changed to 200, all operator continued to offer only 100 SMS in their SMS Packs. So this ruling would not affect any one of now as we all are now used to this limit and operator would not offer Unlimited SMS at the same price as of now.

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