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Reliance introduces RC179, Free Incoming Calls While in Roaming

Reliance Communication has introduced a quite exciting new Special Tariff Voucher for its customers in Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh telecom circle. This new Special Tariff Voucher offer Free Incoming Calls on Roaming.

Priced at Rs. 179, it would convert you default plan to Per Second ( from Per Minute or Per Call) and all Local & STD Calls in Home Circle would be charged a Flat 1p/sec. While in Roaming all Local & STD Calls that you would make, would be charged at 1.2p/sec along with FREE Incoming Calls for 180 days. (Continue Reading…)

Reliance introduces Local R2R calling @ 10p/min

Reliance Communications, has introduced a new Reliance to Reliance Local STV for its GSM customers in Punjab Telecom circle.

Now Reliance GSM customers across Punjab would be able to make all Local Reliance to Reliance Calls at just 10p/min. The new Special Tariff Voucher priced at Rs.34 offers reduced calling to Local Reliance Number for 30 days. Also there are 3 other Local R2R Packs offering reduced calling rates. (Continue Reading…)

Reliance offers STD @ 25p/min- Circle Wise Details

Reliance Communications, the Largest Dual Technology Mobile Operator, offers Special Tariff Voucher reducing STD to 25p/min to its customers across India.

However, the price & the tariff valitidy of the same differs from circle to circle. Also there are conditions in some circle with regrads to No. of Minute of STD @ 25p/min, in some circle it provides Unlimited STD Minute @ 25p/min whereas in some circle it offer just 150 Mins of STD @ 25p/min per Month. So we have tabulated the details of the STV circle wise provifing the Tariff, Price & Conditions. (Continue Reading…)

Reliance brings exclusive 3G Plans for iPad 2

Reliance, the largest Dual Technology Telecom operator, has launched new & exclusive 3G Plans for the iPad 2 Users.

Now Reliance Users would be able to enjoy High Speed 3G Internet on their iPad 2 with the new Daily & Monthly Plans. The new Daily 3G Plan for iPad 2 users cost Rs. 203 and offers 1 GB data usage. Also there are 5GB & 10GB Monthly Plans. All these plans will work on roaming as well. Users activating this plan will get data speed of 7.2 Mbps for 3G circles and normal GPRS Speed for non 3G circles. (Continue Reading…)

Reliance brings STD @ 25p to UP East

Reliance, the largest Dual Technology Operator of India, has brought new Special STD Tariffs for its customers in UP East circle.

Now Reliance (CDMA & GSM) customers can make All STD calls @ 25p till 200 minutes by getting the new STD STV priced at Rs. 23 that comes with a validity of 30 Days.  After 200 Minutes of STD Calls @ 25p, all STD calls would be charged at 40p/min.

(Continue Reading…)

Reliance STD 25p Offer reaches Punjab

Reliance GSM, the GSM Mobile Service from Reliance Communications, has launched a new Special Tariff Voucher for its customers in Punjab Telecom Circle.

Now Reliance GSM Customers in Punjab cam make all STD Calls @  25p per min with the new STD STV priecd at Rs. 36. The new STV offers no talk time and comes for a validity of 30 days. (Continue Reading…)