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MTNL Delhi launches two new Unlimited Broadband Plans

Keeping in mind the high cost of broadband plans in India, MTNL Delhi has launched two Unlimited Broadband plans at a relatively cheaper price. Power Connect-275 is an unlimited broadband plan which offer data download speed of 192kbps. It is priced at Rs. 275 per month & the validity for the same is 30 days. If you’ll pay for 10 months you will get 2months usage free, the coupon is priced at Rs. 2750 & has a validity of 360 days(almost a year).

The second plan that MTNL Delhi has launched is PP UL data 449-Combo, it offers data download speed of 384kbps. It is priced at Rs. 449 per month & its yearly(360days) voucher is priced at Rs. 4499. (Continue Reading…)

MTNL Delhi revises TriB Delight 850 plan & TriB Delight 850 combo plan

MTNL Delhi has revised a volume based Triband Plan namely, TriB Delight 850 plan & TriB Delight 850 combo plan. Now you will get upto 4MBPS speed on both the plans at monthly charges of Rs. 850. Under TriB Delight 850 plan, you will not get any free calls whereas under TriB Delight 850 combo plan, you will get 100 calls free per month. Also under both the plans minimum donload speed is gauranteed to be 512kbps the same as upload speed. Under both the plans, monthly data download limit is 7GB. More details are as under: (Continue Reading…)