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Cheers Mobile officially leaving India, to ask for refund soon

There is bad news for all the Cheers Mobile Users across the country as the Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt. Ltd’s board has finally decided to quit India. The Cheers Mobile brand will leave India soon. (Continue Reading…)

Cheers Mobile revise All Calls 25p Plan for Mumbai

Cheers Mobile has revised its 25p per Min offer with a new & improved plan, All Local & STD @ 33p Plan. Earlier Cheers Mobile was offering daily first 15 Minutes of Local & STD Calls @ 25p per Minute. After the initial 15 Minutes, All STD Calls were charged at 40p per Minute. (Continue Reading…)

Cheers Mobile offers Daily Local & STD Minute Pack

Cheers Mobile, the telecom Joint Venture between Etisalat & DB Group, has launched Daily Local & STD Minutes for its customers in Delhi.

Now Cheers Mobile customers in Delhi would get 12 Local or National Minutes for a day with the new Local & National Minute Daily Pack priced at Rs. 5 only. Also you can recharge with the Pack any number of times you like. (Continue Reading…)

Cheers brings Special Recharge @ Rs. 70, offer Full Talk Time

Cheers Mobile, the telecom Joint Venture between Etisalat & DB Group, has launched a new Full Talk Time Special Recharge for its customers in Mumbai & Delhi.

Now Cheers customers across Delhi & Mumbai will get Full Talk Time on recharge of Rs. 70 on Special Days. On other or regular days, you will get normal talk time. The Special Days are notified by the company. Earlier Cheers marked the period of 13th July to 18th July as Special days and now 23th July to 28th July has been announced as special days. Also you can recharge any number of times to get Full Talk Time. (Continue Reading…)

Cheers brings 5th Tariff Plan for Mumbai, Full & Extra Talk Value Offer

After launching 4 differect tariff plans for the people of Mumbai, Cheers Mobile, the Telecom Operator from the Joint Venture between Etisalat & DB Group, has come with the 5th Tariff Plan, Full & Extra Talk Value Offer.

Now the people of Mumbai will get 125% talk value on every recharge of Rs. 50 and above. Also they will get Full Talk Value on recharges below Rs. 50. What’s more, you can make all local calls & STD calls at just 1p per sec! The full talk value & extra talk value offer is available till 31st December 2011. Lets say, you recharge with Rs. 50, you will then get Rs. 62.50 and if you recharge with Rs. 100, you will get Rs. 125 & so on. (Continue Reading…)

Cheers Mobile brings Double Value Recharges

Cheers Mobile, the Etisalat & DB Group Telecom company, has launched Double Value Recharges for its customer in Delhi & Mumbai circle.

Now Cheers Mobile customers in Delhi & Mumbai would get Talk Time along with Free Cheers to Cheers Free Minutes. The New Double Value Recharges offers maximum talk time along with these free minutes. (Continue Reading…)