BSNL Kolkata revises its famous 5p Plan, the Kolkata @ 5 Plan

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), has decided to revise its Famous ON Net 5p Plan, the Kolkata @ 5 Plan. BSNL has revised the whole Call Tariffs under the Plan making it more attractive. Unlike in the previous plan, now Calls to West Bengal BSNL Mobile numbers would also be charged at 5p/min.

The Price of the Kolkata @ 5 Plan remains the same at Rs. 124 along with validity of 30 days only. So what have really changed in the plan. Call charges have reduced, Freebies have increased and Roaming Tariffs have introduced in for the Plan. We have prepared a list of changes for you:

1. Now Calls on Kolkata and West Bengal BSNL Mobile numbers would be charged at 5p/min. Earlier, calls on only BSNL Kolkata numbers were charged at 5p/min.

2. Now Calls on BSNL Landline numbers in Kolkata and West Bengal are charged at 20p/min. Earlier, the same calls were charged at 40p/min.

3. Now All Other Local Calls (other than BSNL Network) are charged at 40p/min. Earlier, the same calls were charged at 50p/min.

4.Now STD Calls on BSNL network are charged at 40p/min and on other network are charged 60p/min. Earlier, STD calls on BSNL were charged 50p/min and on other network are cahrged at 75p/min.

5. Now Night Calling between 11 PM to 7 AM would be charged @ 50% of Peak Hour Call Charge for Intra and Inter circle calls. Earlier, only calling on Kolkata numbers enjoyed such reduction.

6. Moreover, BSNL now offers 600 On Net (Kolkata and West Bengal BSNL Numbers) Minutes Free along with 150 Off Net Minutes, 50 MB Data, 50 Local & 25 National SMS Free. Whereas earlier, only 600 On net Minutes and 50 Local SMS were given to the subscribers.

Since you now know all the major changes in the Kolkata @ 5p Plan, here are the complete details (along with Roaming Tariffs and SMS Charges):

Modified (Revised) Kolkata @ 5 Plan

MRP of Plan Voucher(Rs.)


Free Usage Allowed with Plan Voucher

Free Voice Call (Pulse in Minute)

(a) On Net (CTD/WBTC mobile)


(b) Off Net (CTD/WBTC mobile)


Free Data Usage (MB)


Free P2P SMS

Normal Prepaid
General Plan Charges

(a) Local


(b) National


Plan Validity(days)


Voice Call Charge (Per Min)

CTD/WBTC On Net Mobile


CTD/WBTC On Net landline


Off Net Local


STD (On Net)


STD (Off Net)


SMS Charge






Rs. 5

National Roaming

Local On Net (Per Min)


Local Off Net (Per Min)


STD (On Net)


STD (Off Net)


Incoming call (Per Min)


SMS Charge in Roaming

Local SMS


National SMS


International SMS

Rs. 5

Non P2P SMS (From Home LSA/While Roaming)

Rs. 2

Other charges if not covered as per Prepaid General

Night Speak: 11 PM to 7 AM @ 50% Peak Hour Call charge for intra and inter circle calls

Power Voucher will be allowed

The Kolkata @ 5 Plan is now available till 29 October, 2012 till further notice.

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