BSNL introduces 8 Mbps Promotional Broadband Plans for Chandigarh

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced 4 Promotional Broadband Plans offering 8 Mbps speed for its customers in Chandigarh at a very affordable price. These promotional plans has been introduced starting 15th May and would be available for subscription for 90 days only.

Starting at just Rs. 795 (monthly fixed rental), these plan offers Unlimited Benefits after the FUP is exhausted by user. Unlike other plans where users have to wait till night to enjoy free calling, these plans offers 24 Hours Unlimited Free Calling (Local or National) to any operator in India along with good amount of data.

Coming straight to the plans now, the Plans are named as  BBG Combo ULD 795 CS201, BBG Combo ULD 995 CS202, BBG Combo ULD 1395 CS203 & BBG Combo ULD 1995 CS204 and offer 35GB, 60GB, 100GB & 250GB data FUP respectively after which the speeds would be lowered to 1 Mbps for first 2 plans and 2 Mbps for last 2 plans till infinity.

8 Mbps Promotional Broadband Plans for Chandigarh

ParticularsBBG Combo ULD 795 CS201BBG Combo ULD 995 CS202BBG Combo ULD 1395 CS203BBG Combo ULD 1995 CS204
Data FUP35GB60GB100GB250GB
Speed after FUP1 Mbps1 Mbps2 Mbps2 Mbps
Monthly Rental (Tax Extra)Rs. 795Rs. 995Rs. 1395Rs. 1995
24 Hours Free CallingYesYesYesYes

Annual Payment Option

In case you have a good experience with BSNL, you can choose for 1 year Subscription at a discount of 1 months’s rental. Similarly, subscribing for 2 year would give you 3 months rental discount and for a 3 year subscription would help you save 6 months of rental. Here are the Annual FMC option with discount:



 BBG Combo ULD 795 CS201BBG Combo ULD 995 CS202BBG Combo ULD 1395 CS203BBG Combo ULD 1995 CS204
Annual Payment option (Rs.) [11 X Monthly Rental]8745109451534521945
Two Years Payment option (Rs.) [21 X Monthly Rental]16695208952929541895
Three Years Payment option (Rs.) [30 X Monthly Rental]23850298504185059850

Important Terms & Conditions

  1. BSNL would keep a months rental as Security Deposit & you might have to pay Installation Charges as well.
  2. These plans are available only in Chandigarh Service Area where there are similar plans offered by Private Operators.
  3. These plans are available from 15th May, 2017 for 90 days only. Plans might get further extension depending upon the feedback.
  4. The minimum hire period is 1 month i.e. you cannot uninstall these plans before 1 month.
  5. The above mentioned prices are minimum Rental, taxes are applicable extra.
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