BSNL Closed User Group (CUG) Prepaid Plans – Now Add Members & Talk Unlimited FREE

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers one of the best Closed USer Group Plan to all its prepaid customers across India. Closed User Group (CUG) allows calls among the member of a particular CUG absolutely FREE. At a very Nominal cost, as compared to Unlimited Local & STD Unlimited Plans, one get a Local CUG Calls and National CUG is also allowed.

In the recent few months, we have seen the arrival of many Unlimited Plans from Tata DOCOMO and Reliance as well, they are priced at around Rs. 1000 for Unlimited Local & STD Calls and even more for the same in Roaming as well. BSNL CUG for the Local only seems to be an economical option as you can form a SMALL CUG with 3 members for Rs. 240 only, where a NATIONAL CUG would cost you atleast Rs. 540 which is even higher than the BSNL to BSNL Unlimited STD Plan Rs. 500.

To form a CUG, you would require atleast 3 member and there is no limit for the maximum. There are fixed monthly charges for CUG to be deducted from the main balance at the start of new every new month depending upon the size of the CUG. Here are the details:

 Group Size 

Monthly Balance Deduction

 Local CUG 

  National CUG 


Rs 80

Rs 180


Rs 60

Rs 160


Rs 60

Rs 140


Rs 60

Rs 120


Rs 60

Rs 100

The above mentioned balance would be deducted from each members main balance. So if you have a maximum of 3 people with whom you want to enjoy UNLIMITED Calls, then only go for BSNL CUG, else try BSNL Unlimited Plans.

How to Form a CUG
If you are really interested in forming a BSNL CUG, you have to visit the BSNL CSC where you have to submit a request for Formation and Activation of the CUG. CUG facility is available for all the existing as well as new 2G & 3G prepaid customers except for the Saral Ananth Plan. The validity of the CUG is one Calender month.

Insufficient Balance for Deduction
If any of the group members is not having sufficient balance in his account, for advance rent for that month, system will wait for the next 3 consecutive days for at least the amount equal to the rental component and deduct the amount. If deduction is not possible, the customer group id will be removed and subs cannot enjoy CUG benefits and subs will be treated like a normal customer.

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