Airtel starts offering 1GB/2GB/3GB data per day for Airtel 4G Dongle Users

Bharti Airtel has started offering plans for Airtel 4G Dongle users that offers 1GB/2GB/3GB data per day along with base data each month. As per the calculation shown in the pic above, a user can get up to 102 GB data in a month with Airtel 4G’s Rs. 999 plan.

Starting with lowest rental plan Rs. 499, the lowest only plan would offer 1 GB data per day for whole month along with base data of 5 GB, effectively offering 35 GB data per monthly cycle.

Similarly the other 2 plans at monthly rental of Rs. 699 and Rs. 999 would offer 2GB and 3GB data respectively for a month along with base data of 8 GB and 12 GB thereby offering an effective total of 68 GB and 102 GB data in a monthly plan cycle respectively.

Airtel 4G Dongle Plans with 1GB/2GB/3GB Daily Limit

Monthly Rental Base Data Extra Data per day (till 31st March 2018) Effective Total Data each monthly cycle
Rs. 499 5 GB 1 GB per day 35 GB
Rs. 699 8 GB 2 GB per day 68 GB
Rs. 999 12 GB 3 GB per day 102 GB

Now coming to the terms & conditions, the 1GB/2GB/3GB data is promotional and would be available till 31st March 2018 only after which a user would get only base data as mentioned already i.e. 5 GB, 8 GB & 12 GB only.

These plan are specific for Dongle users only and won’t work with Mobile Handset. Only after the daily limit of 1GB/2GB/3GB is exhausted,  user would be able to use data from base plan.

How to get Airtel 4G Dongle Plans with 1GB/2GB/3GB Daily Limit

You need to visit a nearest Retail outlet to avail the same or you can also visit airtel website.

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