Aircel introduces new World ISD Cards, offers ISD to US, Canada & UK(Landline) @ 40p/min

Aircel has announced the launch of new ISD Cards offering the lowest ISD Rate possible to its both prepaid & postpaid customers all across India. With these new ISD Rate Cutters you can now stay in touch with your friends & family at even lower than the Local/STD Call rates.

The first new ISD Rate Cutter launched by Aircel is Rs. 40 ISD Card that offers Unlimited ISD Calls to US, Canada & UK(Landline) at just 40p/min. Also all other Calls whether Local or STD would be charged at a flat rate of 40p/min. The validity of this ISD Card is 30 days.

The other new ISD Card is for Gulf & some Asian countries. Priced at Rs. 18 this too comes with validity of 30 days offering reduced calling to 13 countries.

Here are the ISD Tariffs:

Destination Current MRP
Customer Offer(New)
Nepal 9.19 5.10 45%
UAE 9.19 7.00 24%
Saudi Arabia(F) 9.19 3.99 57%
Saudi Arabia(M) 9.19 5.50 40%
USA 6.40 0.40 94%
Bangladesh 9.19 1.80 80%
Malaysia 6.40 1.80 72%
Canada 6.40 0.40 94%
Singapore 6.40 1.10 83%
UK(F) 6.40 0.40 94%
Sri Lanka 9.19 5.00 46%
Pakistan 9.19 6.00 35%
Kuwait 9.19 5.50 40%

Both the ISD Cards are available for POSTPAID Customers also at same price mentioned above. You can also get them by Online Recharge on Aircel’s Website here.

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