Aircel introduces Data on Demand, get 1 GB data per hour as & when required

Aircel has introduced a unique concept, “Data on Demand” in the Indian telecom market. As the name suggests, a user can demand data i.e. a user can get ask for data when ever he feels the need for the same and get data as per his/her requirement simply by dialling a USSD code on his/her handset.

Launched in Assam, North East, Odisha, Kolkata & West Bengal as of now, the “Data on Demand” Packs starts at Rs. 65 for a 4 days pack and extends up to Rs. 291 for a monthly (30 days) pack. Apart from an hourly data, these Data on Demand packs offer some base data as well with the same validity.

What is Data on Demand?

Data on Demand packs offer some base data depending upon the price & validity. In case an Aircel have consumed it and want to consume more data, he/she can dial *121*62# and get 1 GB data for 1 hour/day. A user can get 1GB per hour only once in a day without any additional charge under this pack, additionally he can get even more data as mentioned below.

Even after consuming the base data and bundled hourly data, an user needs more data, he/she can simply dial *121*69# and get 1 GB more data for Rs. 9 within the same validity period. 

For instance, Data on Demand Pack 93 offers 2 GB base data which a user can consume it all day long and let say in evening the same user wants more data, he can dial *121*62# and would get 1 GB data for a hour. Now suppose the extra 1 GB/hour/day is also exhausted and he want more data, he can get an additional 1GB/hour data by dialling *121*69# and this time he would be charged at Rs. 9 for the data.

Aircel Data on Demand Packs

Price of the Data on Demand PacksCircleBundled Data (2G/3G)Validity (in Days)Total Effective Data
64Odisha (*121*064#)1 GB4 days5 GB
65Kolkata & West Bengal1 GB4 days5 GB
93Assam & North East2 GB8 days10 GB
94Odisha (*121*094#)2 GB8 days10 GB
98Kolkata & West Bengal2 GB8 days10 GB
291Assam & North East10 GB30 days40 GB
294Odisha (*121*294#)10 GB30 days40 GB
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