Aircel revises Unlimited Local Calling Pack in Rajasthan

Aircel Rajasthan Unlimited Local PlanAircel has revised the existing Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel calling pack in Rajasthan and introduced a few more packs with the same benefits. The Popular Pack of Rs. 17 which used to offer Unlimited Local Calling to Aircel numbers with Special Validity ranging from 3 to 30 days has been revised.

The Popular Rs. 17 Unlimited Pack has been revised and now offers Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel calling for just 3 days, earlier the same used to offer validity ranging from 3 to 30 days depending upon your luck.

Also Aircel introduced few Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel packs for people who need longer validity. The new packs are priced at Rs. 33 and 56 and offers Unlimited Calling benefits to Local Aircel numbers for 5 days and 8 days respectively.

Aircel Rajasthan Unlimited Plan 2015 (Unlimited Aircel to Aircel Free Rajasthan):

PackAmountValidityBenefitsUSSD Option
Unlimited Night Pack 2.5Rs. 2.5 (USSD Only)Same DayFree Local On-Net from 11pm to 6 am, rest A2A@10p/minDial *121*020#
Unlimited Night Pack 7Rs. 7 (USSD Only)Same DayFree Aircel Local calls from 12:00 am to 6:00 amDial *121*70#
Unlimited Local PackRs. 9.98  (USSD Only)Same DayUnlimited Local A2A from 10pm to 5pmDial *121*998#
Unlimited Local 17 (Revised)Rs. 173Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel calls*121*17#
Unlimited Local 33 (New)Rs. 335Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel calls
Unlimited Local 56 (New)Rs. 568Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls
Unlimited Local 97Rs. 9728Unlimited Aircel Local calls within community.
Unlimited Local 303Rs. 30328Unlimited Aircel Local calls
Unlimited Local 315Rs. 31528Unlimited Aircel Local calls, 3,500 Local/STD (m) secs
Unlimited Local 555Rs. 55530Unlimited Aircel Local calls, 10,000 Local/STD (m) secs, Unlimited 2G data

Also there is a pack priced at Rs. 555 that offers Unlimited Aircel Local Calls, 10,000 Local/STD secs for any number within India and Unlimited 2G data as well, all this comes with a validity of 30 Days.