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Aircel 3G goes smarter with introduction of Pocket Internet Smart Plans

Aircel 3G has become the smartest of all other 3G services available in India with the introduction of Pocket Internet Smart Plans. Aircel has been a pioneer in Data Packs as it introduced Pocket Internet and revolutionized the whole Data market in India. And now they want to achieve the same in 3G segment as well.

Pocket Internet Small Plans starts at just Rs. 7 with a validity of 1 day & 50MB data to use at 3.6 Mbps speed and after 50MB, you can continue using it at 128Kbps till its validity gets over. And at Rs. 997, you will get 10GB Data at 3G Speeds of 7.2 Mbps with 30 days validity. Also after the consumption of 10GB data at 3G speeds, you can continue to enjoy data service at 128 Kbps speeds. So in all these plans, after you consume the whole of data limit (on 3G Speed), you can still enjoy unlimited data @ 2G Speeds. You can choose these plans for your Mobile, Tablet & Dongle as well.

Aircel 3G Plan – Aircel pocket Internet Smart Plans for 3G Data

Price (in Rs.)Validity (in Days)Data Limit @ 3G SpeedsData Limit @ 2G Speeds3G Speed2G Speed (after consumption of 3G Data)
7150 MBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
183100 MBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
377200 MBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
6715250 MBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
12830500 MBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
198301 GBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
399302 GBUnlimited3.6 Mbps128 kbps
697305 GBUnlimited7.2 Mbps128 kbps
9973010 GBUnlimited7.2 Mbps128 kbps

Note : Please confirm the exact price as per your circle before recharging.

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