100 SMS per Day Limit is back to haunt you, to stay a liitle longer this time

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today once again issued new guidelines and regulations to curb the menace of the Unwanted Messages. Few months back. TRAI had imposed a limit on number of SMS to be sent from a single mobile number which was further revised to 200 SMS per day, but now once again that limit has been reduced to 100 SMS per Day only.

Every message sent after the daily limit of 100 SMS would be charged at not less than 50p, stated the new regulation. Reduction of Limit and other changes are to be effected and implemented within 15 days from now. So you just have half a month remaining to enjoy the Messaging Freedom.

Also there are other regulations to control and curb this menace like sending an occasional message, on part of telecom operators, to its subscribers advising them not to send any commercial communications if they are not registered with the Authority as telemarketer, obtain an undertaking that the SIM or connection purchased by him shall not be used for telemarketing etc. etc.

What ever steps TRAI take, only the common Mobile user would be at the trouble. You can read the full text of the new regulation on this page.

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